Hyde Park Village #Instahang Meet Up

Hyde Park Village Insta Hangs

3 months later...

So, it has been about 3 months since my last entry here. Please forgive me. I've been pretty busy juggling my marketing job, photo shoots, and searching for new opportunities. Though it has been a bit hectic, life's still good. I've recently decided to challenge myself to have 2 shoots scheduled each week at the very least. Maybe 3 if one week I'm a tad more open. This means reaching out to potential models and networking with more photographers. It kind of sucks though that most of these shoots have been taking place only on the weekends since I work weekdays. Really makes me wish I could take photos full-time. Too bad that's not quite possible with my current experience and network. YET. But we'll see what happens. I got to be a responsible adult first and focus on my current role.



The Meetup

At 9AM we met up at Hyde Park Village where 8 of us, whom I've never met, gathered at Buddy Brew Coffee. We sipped some brew and took the time to introduce ourselves. Everyone connected well. There were even some Fuji shooters present! Low-key, I've been debating switching part of my Canon setup to Fuji ever since I got the X-T1. It's just a much more portable system that produces just as stellar results compared to my 5D III. Maybe even arguably better.   

We started taking photos around the Hyde Park Village area and its surrounding neighborhood. The area consists of upscale boutique style shops and dining set in the beautiful historic district of Hyde Park. The residential architecture, which draws heavy influences from "Bungalow" style housing, adds a nice touch to the whole vibe of Hyde Park. I highly recommend visiting if you've never been, especially if you ever need a nice date idea.

But what made this meet up so enjoyable was everyone's open mindedness. No one was awkward about taking photos nor having their photos taken. It was just such a refreshing experience since I never really had any group of peeps to do this with before in the past. A lot of people always have the mindset that you need to have "model" like aesthetics or a stellar setting to look good in images. That's totally not the case. What really defines the pictures (specifically with people in them) are the moods/expressions they give off. 

We made our way back to Hyde Park Village to stop by a couple shops. Surprisingly the shops were cool with us taking pictures inside their businesses. My favorite was the floral shop, Florist Fire. It reminded me of my mother since she does floral arrangements as a hobby. She would of loved it in there. Our meet up came to an end visiting the last two shops: London Philips, a men's boutique fashion store, and west elm, a modern furniture store.

The whole Saturday morning was just filled with good vibes and good company. I definitely enjoyed not just the picure taking but the connections I made with the others. It makes me look forward to the next Insta Hangs meet up.

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Aaron & Angela (Florist Fire)
Alina (Florist Fire)