Shooting with @mangolicy (and @liftken)

Seize the opportunities

The great thing about shooting with new people is the networking opportunities. It's such an important mindset to have just as a creative. If you're not hustling hard in this community then you're not going to stand out or improve your skills. You got to be proactively seeking out potential opportunities while helping your fellow creatives with their hustle, especially through collaborations.




About two weeks ago I got a DM via Instagram from @liftken about doing a collab together. I would take photos while he took some BTS footage of me. 

For the model, @liftken linked us up with @mangolicy. Funny thing was that when we met up, her and I realized that we've met each other before in college. I'm like the worst when it comes to remembering peoples' names and faces. But anyways... I can't go in depth with where exactly our shoot took place just because I don't want it to be overran by others. Sorry.

You can check out his BTS clipe at the very bottom!