Shooting With @lisa.park

Aight, folks!

So I'm going to start writing little tidbits to show everyone a more insider perspective of my photography. My friends always me ask me about my "shoots" and what exactly goes on during them. To be honest, not much. I don't treat these "shoots" seriously. Think of it as more of hanging out, but I happen to have a camera with me. It's a more chill vibe that really helps your subject get comfortable with you. Your pictures will even turn out better if you shoot with this mentality. You'll get to know your models, making it more fun for both you and them. This helps with capturing their most genuine expressions. No fake shit.




I actually first met Lisa through a mutual friend a little over a year ago who worked with me at Bulls Radio, my alma mater's radio station. We linked up again, mid-February, during a cake cutting hosted by my organization. Through some small talk, the idea of doing a shoot together came about and followed up afterwards to discuss it. After brainstorming for about 2 weeks we decided to shoot in Downtown Tampa around the Tampa Museum of Art to really get that urban city kind of vibe.

The museum's exterior and surrounding tones complimented her outfit very well, giving a clean neutral aesthetic. At the same time, Gasparilla Music Festival was taking place at Curtis Hixon Park. You can just imagine the amount of stares we got as passersby made their way to the festival. There was even a mid-age man who stood right behind me to take a quick snap of Lisa. Not creepy at all, right? But aside from that, the rest of the shoot went really well with some really awesome photos.

Lisa, TMA (Exterior)
Lisa, Ramp (Downtown Tampa)